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Stop Simply Reading The Bible

Study it and live it.

Cross is visual, not just a word.

Your actions, not words, give a better message of the cross.

Let Other People Call You A Christian

When you let the light of God in you shine, other people will call you a Christian. The Bible teaches us that the disciples of Jesus Christ were first called Christians in Antioch. They did not call themselves Christians.  Other people called them Christians.


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Better at, not better than


Don't feel inferior or let anyone put you down.

Everyone is better at different things.

Nobody is better than another.

God gives people different gifts.

Unwrap your own gift and use it properly for the glory of God only; and for the good of humanity.

Rock of Joy Resource Centre helps people to achieve their God-given destiny to the glory of God, and to the shame of the devil and his agents who are seeking to manipulate or destroy people's destinies.

We offer people a way to victory and successful joyful living so they can truly enjoy life and no longer merely endure life. You can send a video or e-mail us your testimony, story, or Bible-based ideas to uplift, inspire, encourage, and support other people.

The Holy Spirit Is Ascribed, Not Achieved

Yes, the Holy Spirit is a gift from God. We can't achieve it.

A child can teach any church leader or university professor the word of God.

Jesus Christ stunned experts when He was just twelve years old because the Spirit of the Lord was upon Him.

Don't be deceived. What really matters is the Holy Spirit being upon the message and the messenger; not academic or professional qualifications, not the large size of a minister's church, not age, not a minister's title, not fame, and not anything else.

Christ-made, Not Self-made


Success is about worthwhile achievements. 


People who take the credit for their success are ungrateful and have denied the grace of Jesus Christ who said "... without Me, you can do nothing"; John 15:5. (NKJV).


Success has three pillars of grace in this order.


God helps us.

God enables other people to help us.

God enables us to do our bit.


Be grateful.